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Parade on 25 March in Kavala, National Independence Day of Greece

Independence Day – Parade on March 25 in Kavala

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On March 25, an annual parade in honor of the National Independence Day of Greece took place in Kavala.

The parade is attended by military departments, various societies, clubs, organizations and schools. Participating in a parade is a great honor. Our daughter has been participating in the parade since she was three years old as part of the Evrites Club of Kavala. Every organization carries its own flag, the parade participants wear national costumes or parade uniforms.

On March 25, Greece celebrate the 1821 Revolution against the Turkish yoke after 400 years of slavery. In essence, we refer to the armed insurrection of the Greeks against the Ottomans, which led to the complete liberation of Greece from the Turkish yoke, as a result, Greece became an independent state.

On March 25, 1821, on the Day of Annunciation, the famous words “Freedom or death” were pronounced by Greek rebels at the monastery of Agia Lavra in Kalavrita.

On this day, the national liberation struggle for Greek independence, which lasted 8 years, officially began. In 1829, Turkey recognized the independence of Greece (by the Treaty of Adrianople), and on January 22, 1830, the London Protocol was signed, officially recognizing an independent Greek state.

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