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Aggitis Cave (Maaras Cave) is the largest in length and volume cave in the world and it is a river cave, the only one existing in Greece.

Aggitis Cave (Maara)

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Aggitis Cave (Maaras Cave) is considered to be the largest river cave in the world, with a length of about 15 kilometers, of which about 10 have been mapped. Located in the region of Drama (Northern Greece), close to Prosotsani, on the south foot of Falakro mountain.
It is also known as Maara Cave, whose etymology is either from Arabic and means small cave or from Hebrew which means water from the mountain.
Along the cave there are spacious halls and smaller openings with white and red stalactites of various shapes, as well as minimal stalagmites.
A very small part of the cave at the mouth of the river has been known since antiquity. Many archeological finds have been found in the area, as well as a mammoth tusk, which is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Drama.
The cave has also found unique species of fish, such as briana and tilinari at a depth of 6,500 meters, as well as a unique species of translucent Austropotamobius torrentium 7,100 meters deep. Transparent fish have been reported in the cave.

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