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Thermal Mud Baths Spa at Krinides

Thermal Mud Baths Spa at Krinides

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No wonder the Macedonian King Philip choose the city of Krinides as a strategic and economic center, which in his honor he renamed Philippi. The place is truly unique. And it’s not only in its prime location and rich agricultural land.

The healing properties of natural mud and thermal water of Krinides have been known since ancient times, and King Philip more than once reinforced his spirit and physical strength in the local mud baths.

Well so I decided to try on myself the therapeutic properties of the Krinides mud baths.

Therapeutic mud originated from the unique geological, biological and chemical environment of the area. Hot thermal water combined with therapeutic mud provide the care and treatment necessary for modern human, forming the so-called natural “beauty workshop”.

Mud baths are indicated for the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cosmetic care.

Mud therapy is based on the use of so-called “mature” mud. The healing effect of clay has two aspects: it has a local (surface) and a general effect. The therapeutic effect is mainly due to three factors: mechanical, thermal and chemical.

Floating in a mud bath, it is impossible to drown – the density of the healing mud is higher than the density of the body, and you are simply pushed to the surface. Due to this, the body relaxes and the joints gain considerable flexibility, while hydrostatic pressure helps to improve blood circulation.

Thermal water shower has a thermal and massage effect, affecting the skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous and digestive systems. The energy potential of tissues increases, thermoregulatory mechanisms are activated, metabolism and redox work are accelerated.

The chemical effect of a mud bath is due to the presence of organic and inorganic compounds, substances with hormonal and antibiotic activity, biostimulants, chemical elements and microelements that penetrate the skin and mucous membranes.

At the entrance to the procedures I met the therapist of mud baths. He asked about my current diseases in detail, talked about the effects of healing mud and thermal water, and advised me the appropriate course of visits.

So, after talking with the doctor, I moved to the women’s half. I changed my clothes and ended up in a large shower room with thermal water. The pressure of the flow can be adjusted, so in addition to the shower, a massage effect is created. You can stay in a swimming suit, but plunging into the pool with healing mud, you are clearly aware of its disadvantage.  The ropes, for which you need to cling hands, help to move around the pool and not to get stuck in one place. For half an hour you are gliding idly along the mud surface, listening to music for relaxation and watching the breathtaking mountain landscape. After half an hour, the friendly caretaker reminded me that it was enough for the first time. Now the healing mud should dry out in the sun for five minutes, and only then it should be washed off in the shower with thermal water.

Well, after the mud bath, I felt lighter, cleaner, airy and flexible! The full cycle of procedures takes 15-20 days, during which you are under the supervision of a doctor who keeps a record of your medical history of visits.

The price of one visit is 6 euros. The spa resort is open to visitors from June 1 to October 15.

Also on the territory of the spa resort Krinides, you can use the services of therapeutic biomagnetic cupping massage, hot volcanic stones massage, undergo a hydrotherapy session in a post-Byzantine hammam.

You can reach the spa resort of Krinides from Villa Feel the Sea in 20 minutes by car. Also there is a bus from KTEL Kavala.

Irina Korneeva

Senior Fashion Designer - Owner of Feel the Sea villa

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