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Multi Slides, Waterland - Aquapark in Thessaloniki

Waterland – Aquapark in Thessaloniki

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Having picked up our tickets at the ticket window, we immediately got into the world of streams, rivers and lakes. The territory of the aquapark is very well-cared, clean, with many trees in the shade of which you can hide from the sun. The space is organized very thought-out, there are everything for a comfortable stay – changing cabins, toilets, showers, sun loungers, cafes and bistro with very affordable prices. The tracks are paved with tiles that do not slip, even if water gets on it. Lifeguards are on duty at every attraction. Despite the fact that we visited Waterland in the peak of the tourist season, we easily could find a sunbeds next to any attraction we liked and almost did not wait in lines.

The first attraction on our way was Pirate Island. An impressive thematic complex of serpentine water slides of different heights and swirls, fountains, palm trees, ship masts and various figures. At the top of this splendor where is a huge barrel in the form of a pirate’s head, into which water is pouring. Overflowing, the barrel tilts, and several hundred liters of water falls on the heads of visitors under their enthusiastic squeals. In general, it’s just not possible to stay dry here.

Pirates Island - Waterland Thessaloniki
Pirates Island – Waterland Thessaloniki

Meantime we were in a hurry to our favourite Crazy River. Here we had to wait in line to get the yellow rubber rings. Having finally received the long-awaited rubber rings, we rushed to raft down the wayward river. The descent along the river has many turns and rapids, which are not so easy to overcome. We had to get up and go by foot through difficult sections, dragging a rubber ring behind us, at the same time other participants crashed into us, drawing us into a whirlpool. So if you are not very skilled you can’t succeed to stay afloat (and in a swimsuit).

Crazy River, Waterland - Aquapark in Thessaloniki
Crazy River, Waterland – Aquapark in Thessaloniki

Enjoyed the river with the steep rapids long enough, we went to the Wave pool. This is a swimming pool with a smooth descent, the bottom of the pool is uneven with deep hollows. At the beginning of every hour, the Lifeguards turn on the waves, warning visitors with sirens. The height of the waves reaches up to 1.5m at the highest point. Children allowed to be in a pool at the “storm” time only holding grab bars in shallow water.

Wave Pool, Waterland - Aquapark in Thessaloniki
Wave Pool, Waterland – Aquapark in Thessaloniki

Swayed enough for pleasure on the waves, we went to the Multi Slides. Here, too, we were given rubber rings, and we went to climb the stairs to the slides. Once at the start, we sat in the rubber rings and began the descent at the command of a Lifeguard. It was a lot of fun flowing down, I tried not to turn sideways, but still move my feet forward. Moving down on steep slides I get bump a bit so you need to keep on higher in a rubber ring. Falling down into the pool on the descent, my swimsuit stubbornly did not want to stay at the place allocated to it.

We did not dare to the next attraction Symvoli Slides. Well, too high, too twisted. Yes, and there is a height minimum of 1.40 m. Maybe next time we will grow enough.

Symvoli Slides - Waterland Thessaloniki
Symvoli Slides – Waterland Thessaloniki

It was time to relax a bit, and we went to the Kids pool. The most irrepressible members of our team went to conquer the next slides, and we sat in a sun lounger with refreshment drinks. By the way, in the Kids pool there are benches with hydro massage, which also help to relax. Nearby there is a children’s attraction Tarzan, so that children have something to do, while adults gather strength.

Kids Pool - Waterland Thessaloniki
Kids Pool – Waterland Thessaloniki

After relaxing, we move to the Zen pool. This is a large pool, the depth in it increases gradually. There are children’s fountains here, but the main entertainment of the Zen pool is a hydro massage, which is liked by both adults and children. Moreover, the power of massage is much more intense here than in the Kids pool. We did not want to leave the pool at all, and we lingered there.

Well we had to take a break for a snack. There are a lot of cafes and bistro here, but basically it’s all fast food – burgers, hot dogs, etc. I found a diner with traditional Greek souvlaki, gyro and feta cheese.

This year’s novelty is the Funnel attraction. Construction of epic scale is 20 meters high, more than 100 m the length of serpentine tunnels with lighting effects. Visitors sit in a four-seater rubber rings, consisting of four connected circles. Riding with loud screeches in the tunnel, you find yourself in a truly gigantic funnel, in which you have to ride several times up and down before you are thrown to the exit to the throat. We modestly watched this action from the outside. Children are not allowed there.

The Funnel - Waterland Thessaloniki
The Funnel – Waterland Thessaloniki

The day was so eventful that we did not even notice how the Waterpark began to close. But the adventure did not end there. In addition to attractions, there is also a Zoo on the Waterland territory! Moreover, the animals here do not depressingly languish in the cages, but run free in their natural habitat, and they can be observed through the fence. And who is not there! Ponies, llamas, deers, ostriches, giraffes, camels, peacocks….all cannot be listed. We really liked the flocks of wild boars with their cute tails.

Waterland is located 8 km far from Thessaloniki, in the village of Tagarades. The most convenient way to get there is by car, next to the complex is a huge parking lot. It can also be reached by bus.

Waterland is open to visitors from June until the end of September.

Ticket Prices:

Children under 4 years old – free

Children 4-14 years old – 10 euros

Adults – 13.5 euros

There are also club cards for children and adults.

Tickets are best bought on the Waterland website, this way you can get a small discount.

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